Sunday, January 15, 2012

It´s been some time...

How are you my dear friends?

I haven´t write anything for so long.... I didn´t give it up completely, but only a little bit :) there are many great great great blogs from worldwide in english language, and I have nothing special to offer when it comes to our topic. My health state is now very good, my medication helps me a lot and I have lots of situations to deal with that are not related to my rheum. So I don´t have that much ideas for blogging.

But I found a way how to deal with my RA troubles and to do something also for others - I do blog for Slovaks. There is not even a one blog about rheum here! Only one about Sjorgen´s, but nothing more. So I started blogging and I think it´s gonna be a lot succesful. I am also starting to work with Slovak national rheum organization, and that makes me feel that I really do something that is right. I have some new ideas that should improve performance and I´ll do my best to raise awareness about that disease (but I also, I have to deal with it myself first, and decide about staying anonymous and private or not).

I hope this is gonna work. So for now, I don´t have many ideas for my english blog, but I still love yours and I read rss feeds every day :)

Love you ♥