Friday, November 25, 2011


Hello my RA friends :)

I haven´t write anything for so long just because my school semester ends in few weeks and I have really many tasks to complete, many crative stuff, and sometimes I have really little energy to be creative :)

This evening I was out with my 3 best friends from secondary school - we haven´t seen each other for over 1,5 year and we chat on the internet only rarely. We have been to our favourite "young-ages" ( :) ) places and it was really lovely time.

But that makes me think of difference of being with people that know about my condition, and those that don´t. As for me now, in my current situation and current health state, I consider better to be surrounded by people that know what´s for me and what´s not.

The only people (in my everyday life) that know I have RA is my boyfriend, two my girl friends and my closest family. With them I feel relaxed, because I know that they respect it, and I know what I can expect.
With those my sweet girls I was out tonight, it was different, I felt a bit stressed, it was first time since I don´t feelOK I was out with "someone else" (you know, I´m not very sociable person, I´m happy with my small group of people :)). And for example, we went to tea house and I prayed in my mind for them not to decide to sit on the matresses on the floor (you know, tea house.). And in the end we went to see off one of our friends to the bus station, we were a bit late and girls were almost running through the city. It was like they were trying to kill me :D but I didn´t tell a word, as I don´t want to look like lazy one :) I finally did it somehow, fortunately I took extra pill before going out :)

But the idea of those irrelevant stories is that when I´m surrounded by people that know what´s going on, I don´t have to be afraid that some problem can appear, they care of my comfort, or when something is not ok, I can tell them without any problem. And that´s how it works for now, everyone´s OK with this respect :)

And yes, one of the reasons I don´t want to speak about my RA to other people is that you can´t imagine how few people know about this illness here. Also people from national rheum organisation told me that it´s really bad state with knowledge about what Rheumatoid Arthritis is. I bet, that maybe 90% of the people have no idea, that RA can happen to someone who is not already at least 60. But that´s theme for another, very long blog post :)

Hugh and lots of love :)

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