Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Methotrexate helps (probably) :)

Today was a very lazy and long day... Yesterday I was so full of energy that I couldn´t believe it. I made so many tasks for school and work I haven´t for very long time. But today it´s completely different, I had to fight with myself only to sit at office for some time. Waking at 5:45am for school is really killing me :)

During the day I called my Rheumatologist and that was really good news! My CRP went to only 20 (to compare with last months´ 55) and liver  & kidney test are also OK, after month of methotrexate (I take smallest dose - 7.5mg, but so far, without side effects, except of one time throwing up - morning next day after taking pills - and achy tummy when it is empty). The only problem is light anemia, but that´s not a big deal :) She told me that results are good and it is great that since taking those pills it doesn´t go any worse and we have to keep on trying this treatment for 2 months. I like her so much :)

I celebrated that with small shopping :D I bought LOVELY blouse that went from 17€ to 5€, perfect buy :) and I stopped at one jewellery (watching wedding rings) and found the one I was dreaming of for so long!!!
Aren´t they loveliest stuff you´ve ever seen? I tried it on my hand and it fits perfectly to my lovely engagement ring and looks so luxorious and glamorous... oh. I didn´t wanted to put it off my hand! I won´t have a sleep at night, I still see them in front of my eyes :) My BF also likes it... I hope they will be ours (no matter the extreme price :-/)

Hugs from RA lady :)

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