Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Big day to celebrate!

Hello again :)

The reason I didn´t write for so long is that I´m feeling really well :) and I also have thousands of tasks to do for school and job. But it´s soon over, I have only 4 weeks left to the end of this challenging semester and then I´ll have some more time :)

Tomorrow I start 6 days-off to enjoy my boyfriend and my BFF (both of them study in different towns, so we´re together only very little..) and right tomorrow we have big holiday at Slovakia.

For me and some people here in country, it´s biggest holiday during the year (except Christian holidays). The holiday is called "The day of fighting for Freedom and Democracy" and we celebrate 17th November 1989 - the Gentle revolution. It was non-violent revolution of students against communist government of Czechoslovakia. Unless it was peacefull revolution, it was violently supressed by police in Prague (capitol of Czech republic) and also in Bratislava (capitol of Slovakia). Few days after that about 400 000 of people met each evening and were ringing with keys or lighting candles, all in peace and quiet, wanted to change the system. They wanted end of communism and democratic elections. After many many events, communism was over and in June 1990 there were first democratic elections.

After 22 years situations are changing and soon there will be need to make something similar... but that´s another story :)

Thank you for reading this, and on 17th November make a little thankful memory to our parents who did that for us :)

Big hugs and enjoy also your weekend!

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